Bridle Pathways

Who we serve:

Any individual that has been told by medical professionals that Hippotherapy would be beneficial, both adults and children. We also serve as an advocate of this kind of therapy to bring it to the attention of those who may benefit, as well as the medical and psychology community to regularly view this treatment as an option for their patients.

Our core focus group is on adults who are known as First Responders who have suffered traumatic experiences on the job, both physical and psychological. 

We serve military members and non-military individuals of all ages and backgrounds with psychological and physical disorders and disabilities.

We also serve the facilities directly by providing grants to upkeep and make improvements to their facility and to continue to operate.

What we do:

We help make the connections and bridge the financial gaps that are preventing a person from receiving this kind of therapy as a treatment for whatever is afflicting them. Often medical insurance companies do not cover the costs of these kinds of therapy due to it still not being officially recognized as an effective treatment option. So families often have to pay out of pocket. This is where we step in and help them with the costs associated with it. Insurance companies are slowly recognizing the treatment as an option but mostly for children under a certain age group. This means many adults who would benefit are left to pay out of pocket.

The centers that provide treatment and therapy sessions are often in need of funding to help keep themselves going and to improve outreach to more patients. The animals and facilities still need care and maintenance and sometimes new equipment to better serve individuals with varying medical needs. We are there to help them financially to give them that "leg-up" so that they can continue to serve those in need and appeal to a wider client base with the proper equipment. 


-To raise awareness of the benefits of equine-assisted therapy, Hippotherapy, and all related types. We aim to enlist the public's aid for those who are in need of therapy services

-To provide means of access to Equine Assisted Therapy that meets the needs of the individual.